industrial fan services

Optical Alignment insures any machine or component is leveled squared and installed correctly. We can hold a tolerance to within 0.001 Mil.  We can also install monuments for future references.


Everything that rotates needs to be in a state of balance to ensure smooth running when in operation.  Fan pumps, blowers, centrifuges, and mills all need to be balanced to acceptable standards.

Laser Alignment

50% of all machine failures are due to misalignment. You can’t afford not to insure proper alignment on your rotating machinery!


Vibration analysis is one of the most beneficial maintenance technologies. Internal component faults are identified, measured, and quantified through this so catastrophic failures can be avoided. A route based vibration program on fans, pumps, compressors, gearboxes, etc. will save your company on downtime, parts, and labor.

Services Include

Vibration Analysis
Dynamic Balancing
Machine Alignment (optical & laser)
Oil Analysis
Millwright Services
Much more…

Millwright Capatabilities:

Machine Installation
Bearing Chang Outs & Installs
Precision Leveling
Roll & Coupling Alignment
Machinery Rebuilds

A predictive maintenance program utilizing vibration analysis

Prolongs machinery life
Minimizes unscheduled downtime
Eliminates unnecessary overhauls
Eliminates standby equipment
Provides more efficient operation
Increases machinery safety
Improves quality performance
Improves your customer’s satisfaction